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Page 8: Lowrider Car Videos

Go crazy in our lowrider videos section. Watch scenes from the Lowrider World Championship Hydraulic and Custom Car Competitions with Hot Bikini Contests and videos of our Lowrider Magazine girls.
These cuties know how to show skin to win! 
Here's a glimpse of some of the best lowrider cars and trucks on display at the Fontana, CA show! 
The bikini contest was the grand finale of the Fontana show. Check out some of the curvacious girls that came to strut their stuff to win all! 
These hoppers were the highlights of the show, hitting altitude and giving automotive attitude. 
Check out some of the craziest hydraulic hopping and dancing on this online clip. 
Check out the '86 Mazda truck that stands up on it's rear end while a Monte Carlo and a Regal hydraulically dance. 
The last two contestants strut their stuff in skimpy attire before the final line up shows the Houston crowd the best of the best. 
Three Impalas and one Ford Ranger each hop their front ends to amazing altitudes. 
These hydraulic dancers hop on all fours, booty hop, and put on a light show of sparks. 
Here's a glance at the huge Houston show in case you may have missed it or you just want to reminisce! The cars, the eye candy, the sponsors and the stage all in one online video! 
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