After learning about the new line, we were all interested to see if these tires would live up to the vision of the General Tires engineers, and really deliver a difference out on the track. They broke up the media and divided us into groups bound for separate parts of the course. I started off on the main track where I was able to drive four cars, including the new Camaro; the car I was most excited about testing! The first car I got behind the wheel of on the day was the Audi and it blew our minds as these General tires stuck like glue, even when we broke the 100-MPH mark on some parts of the track. We then jumped into the EVO’s, which are also all-wheel drive, and the experience felt like driving an oversized go-cart. As for the domestic vehicles, it was all about the classic rivalry between the Mustang and the Camaro. The Mustang performed decently, but the Camaro’s LS really complimented the size of the car and the G-Max Tires capped off the excellent handling and overall driving experience. I think when the track day was all said and done I walked away with a different opinion about the Audi and the Evo. As far as the domestics, the Camaro and the General Tire were the ultimate pairing for me.

The day just kept getting better as we got to do some wet pad driving and 0-60 stopping. Once all of the groups completed the different courses, we were able to hit the go-cart track which quickly became a battleground between the groups to see who had the best driving skills. Once the dust had settled, it was clear to us that we were all winners in the end, as we got to have a fun day at the track trying out the newest high quality tires out on the market.

In total, this trip was three full days of non-stop action, and we came back with a positive impression of General Tires’ latest tires, the G-Max series. We extend our gratitude to Dana Z of General Tires for inviting us to this event. Stay tuned out there for the next edition of Saul’s Shop Talk, coming your way next month!!

General Tire
1800 Continental Drive
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