In each issue of Lowrider Magazine, we take it upon ourselves to bring you into the culture of Lowriding from various perspectives to bring about a better and more comprehensive understanding of our passion. Car builds are obviously a huge part of that, and we have done our best to bring you special departments dedicated to each facet of automotive customization. In the past we have brought you departments like “Lowrider Deluxe,” which gave you a time-travelling look at vintage parts that are still heavily sought after today. In the arena of audio and hydraulic products, we created “Bumps and Dumps” to help guide our readers towards putting together a clean set up or assembling a top notch audio system with the latest components. This month, we are bringing you a new department, “Saul’s Shop Talk,” inspired after a road trip to Vegas to pick up one of our latest projects. Our goal with this new section is to be able to discuss some relevant happenings within the industry that we might not have been able to shed light on in any of our other columns. In short, this column will bring about a discussion of any and all things automotive.

For the first edition of Saul’s Shop Talk, we breakdown some new product from industry giant, General Tire, a company that has been keeping drivers attached to the road since 1915. With a vast selection of products, General Tires is a company known for their innovations, and their new line of G-max tires is going to help make your domestic vehicle a safe haven on any surface. We got to try out these new tires firsthand as General Tires rented the Infineon Speedway in Sonoma for us to experience the feel of their newest design. At the crack of dawn, we pulled up to the track and the General Tires Crew was ready to go, and so were we, but not before we took on some drivers training. Once we were briefed about safety precautions, we were given the run down on the General Tires G-Max line and what we could expect out of the new tires. The all-season ultra-high performance tire was developed to deliver precise response in dry and wet conditions with excellent light snow grip. The tires are interlocked, meaning the tread blocks work together to improve handling and reduce heat for increased treadlife. When the tire wears to 2/32 of tread depth the indicator transforms to read “replace tire,” alerting the driver that a tire change is needed. The VAI® consists of short sipes on both shoulders of the tire. When misalignment occurs, one of these sipes will wear off before the other, alerting the driver to an alignment condition. The tread elements also channel water flow to reduce hydroplaning, which is ideal when driving on wet surfaces.