Axalta Paint Tip

July's Paint Tip of the Month is brought to you by Axalta Coating Systems. In this issue we will discuss the final paint finish. Have you ever been to a car show and seen that one award-winning jet-black car that really stood out and looked like you can stick your hand into it because it was so deep looking? Well with that said, here's how that process happens. Once the color of your paintjob is complete, you want to clear the finish to bring out the color you chose with shine, brightness, and depth. The first step is to use Axalta's LE 8700 Premium clearcoat. Give it one medium wet coat, let it flash for about 15 minutes, then come back with a second coat of clear. Step two: Let it dry overnight, or if you have baking capability, bake it for 30 minutes at 140 degrees. Step three: sand the car down with 800 wet or 800 dry sandpaper and make sure you cut it flat to get rid of all the orange peal, but without breaking or cutting through the clearcoat. Step four: Pre-clean the vehicle one more time prior to clearing again. Put your third coat of clear on medium wet, then allow 15 minutes more of flash time. Your final coat of clear can be applied the way you want it to look. Let your clearcoat dry and cure, and if you want to after a week, you can wet-sand scuff the clearcoat so it can breathe and dry better. After another week goes by, you can cut and buff your paintjob out for that final car-show finish that every car enthusiasts would be proud to show off! For more technical advice please feel free to contact Steven Chaparro at

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