In this month's web exclusive article, we visited Sunroof Performers of South Gate, CA; this crew is no stranger to the pages of Lowrider. When we first visited Cruz and the crew at Sunroof Performers, they had old stock for the Lowriders, which was available to be installed. Since then, time has progressed and the supply and demand has grown to the point that prices have gone sky high, making these classic roofs harder and harder to acquire.

With this in mind, Cruz invested into the Lowrider market in the hope of developing a moonroof kit for classic cars. This has helped to fill the void of the classic moonroofs in the culture, which was starting to fade from the early days when they were a staple. The Vent-43 is a modern moonroof with OEM technology, which is designed to last many winters and summers. Check out our classic Lowrider getting fitted below for a moonroof by the pros at Sunroof Performers.

Sunroof Performers
10361 Atlantic Ave.
South Gate
CA  90280