16. The Carb Shop knew that this car would benefit from this style of needles and seats.

17. The spring will keep the fuel flowing evenly.

18. The disadvantage of this style of needles and seats is that they need to be put in upside down. This will prevent the parts from falling apart.

19. The body received the gasket to start the assembly of the body.

20. The linkage was screwed back in.

21. The vacuum secondary was bolted back on. This allows the secondary barrels to function.

22. The bowl’s internals were bolted back onto the body.

23. The chrome Holley bowls were put back on.

24. The barrel flaps were lubed to make sure nothing kept them from working.

25. We were ready to go on the dyno to be tuned and tested.

26. This carb got the seal of approval.

27. This carb was better than new.

28. If you are not local, you can have it shipped here and returned!

Hi Performance Lucas Oil Products Inc. “Tech Tip of the Month”

Don’t get caught Slippin’

In this Lowrider Garage issue, we introduce to you our Lucas Oil Products “Tip of the Month” series. Bring out the funnels, as we are here to talk about transmission fluid. Much like motor oil, transmission fluid is subject to breakdown due to increased friction, intense heat, and the introduction of contaminants. Eventually, the transmission fluid loses its ability to lubricate and cool freely. This is a commonly neglected section of a vehicle, and one that can set you back close to a thousand dollars or more to repair or in some cases, to replace. Here are a few tips that should help extend your transmission life.

Always top off your transmission fluids.

When towing, check your temperatures, as increased heat will shorten the lifespan of the transmission. Change out your transmission fluids regularly according to your manufacturer’s specifications. If you tow or put a lot of stress on your transmission, you should change out fluids more frequently. Adding an external transmission oil cooler will help keep your temperatures down. Replace worn gasket seals, because low levels of fluid will cause catastrophic failure. Using premium oils like Lucas Semi-Synthetic automatic transmission fluid will help to give longevity to your transmission, as they are designed to meet or work better than OEM specifications.

To learn more about Lucas Oil Products’ lubricants and additives, log onto www.lucasoil.com.

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