11. We started of by lightly tightening the water pump as the other side will also be receiving bolts.

12. The alternator and spacer bolted to the head.

13. We bolted the idler pulley to the alternator bracket.

14. The idler pulley was dressed up, as it received a billet cover.

15. On the passenger side of the water pump, the OEM style tension bracket was bolted on. Once this is attached, it allows you to torque down the water pump to avoid any leaks.

16. This OEM style tension set up helps to give your car the custom look with all the reliability of a modern car.

17. The AC bracket was bolted onto the chrome plated Sanden compressor.

18. Putting the spacer and bolts through the AC pump made it easier to install.

19. The AC spacer will align the pulleys.

20. To make sure that the torque from the engine didn’t cause belt slippage, we also added this bracket to the AC pump.

21. This bracket was adjustable and needed to be dialed in before doing a final bolt down.

22. The L bracket kept the compressor from moving as it bolted the compressor down to the head on the engine.

23. After tapping out our engine block, we were able to bolt down the power steering base.

24. March Performance made it easy with their power steering pump, as they made the pulley a two-part set up.

25. With the base of the pulley press fitted on directly from March, all you need to do is tighten down these three bolts that keep the pulley in place.

26. When installing this kit, you will need to use a stock-style harmonic balancer from a 2001 LS1 Camaro. This will give you the offset that you need for the pulleys to line up.

27. The last pulley went on with ease and all that was left for us to do was run off to our local auto parts store and buy our 5-groove belt.

March Performance
16160 Performance Way
FL  34110