11. The upper arms were cut down to 8-inches.

12. Art used the Lincoln welder to weld adjusting bungs in place.

13. These upper arms were left to cool off before they were assembled and installed.

14. The frame was cleaned off to allow the weld to bond.

15. The upper arms were assembled and setup to be welded in place.

16. The axle was set to ride height, allowing the upper arms to be mocked up easier.

17. The arms were set in place.

18. Here is another look at the angle of the upper arms as the brackets will need to be welded to the frame.

19. The braces were tack-welded in place.

20. The housing was ready to be removed one last time to allow the last of the welding to be done.

21. The housing tabs for the four-link were tack-welded in place.

22. The tabs were welded on the housing.

23. The frame tabs were also welded and allowed to cool off.

24. The axle was re-installed one last time.

25. We tightened down the cup coils to make sure the coils stayed in place.

26. To ensure that the car had a smooth ride, we used a set of RideTech shocks.

27. The shocks were bolted up.

28. After a couple of hours of work, the Currie rear end was bolted up.

29. This car was ready to roll with a brand new powerful Currie four link rear end!

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