16. After checking the measurements, we realized that the stock motor mounts were to short and needed to be stretched.

17. The best thing to do in a case like this is to remove everything completely and just build our own.

18. We used the stock motor mounts so we could start building the new motor mount bases.

19. This ¼-inch plate would serve as the sides of the motor mounts.

20. Greg cleaned up the brackets.

21. We had to drill out the frame to make sure that the 3/8 bolts fit properly.

22. The nuts were welded to the frame to make it easier to pull them off, or in our case, to bolt them on.

23. There are several motor mounts on the market, and we used the energy suspension model because they were the easiest to modify for our application. These motor mounts pushed the engine forward a full inch.

24. With the heights measured out, we started tacking together the custom motor mount base.

25. The motor mounts were tack welded and ready to be welded together.

26. These mounts were ready to be painted and bolted onto the frame.

27. These motor mounts gave us the right height needed to give us clearance for steering, while ensuring that the oil pan would not hang below the frame.

28. These custom mounts cleaned up well.

29. The oil pan did not hang below the frame, which will keep the pan from cracking when the cross member scrapes the ground.

30. The motor was in place and ready to start and get plumbed.

31. From whatever view you have, these engines look good!

32. When installing LS motors, you need to make sure that you are running a radiator that will be able to handle the pressure that they create. We used a Becool bolt-in radiator for our project.

33. To make sure we had tolerance issues the core support brackets were trimmed down.

34. The transplant was in assembly as we wrenched away to fire up this engine.

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