5. Since we were going to take the old linkage out altogether, we removed the rag joint bolt.

6. The tie rod ends castle nuts were removed.

7. With the castle nuts off exposing the damaged unusable tie rods, we tapped them out without worrying about damaging them.

8. The tie rods were loose, and you can definitely see how damaged the passenger side was.

9. The old idler arm was removed from the frame.

10. With everything loose, the complete steering assembly was pulled off the vehicle.

11. This ride was ready to receive the new CPP components.

12. Before we got carried away, we made sure that our steering wheel was straight.

13. The 500 Series gearbox was checked to make sure that the rag joints fit easily before installing it.

14. The gearbox was the first part of the steering system that was installed.

15. The bolts for the gearbox were tightened down.

16. When installing the pitman arm, look for the lines on the gearbox and the pitman arm. These two lines need to be straightened up, and if you don’t line them up, you will have less turning diameter when turning the wheel.