17. The idler arm was next, as it was bolted in place.

18. With the idler and pitman arm in place, we installed the center drag link.

19. The tie rods received the zirk fittings before they were assembled.

20. This new tie rod was ready to be assembled.

21. Here’s another tip when assembling the tie rods, the side of the sleeve and nut with a groove is the left-hand thread.

22. The new tie rods assembled with ease.

23. The castle nuts were tightened down.

24. The center sleeve allows you to adjust the inner and outer tow.

25. Once you think you have the adjustment, you can get it closer using a measuring tape and starting point.

26. When you are done adjusting the tow on the tie rods, use the locking nut to keep them from loosening up while you take your car to the alignment shop.

27. This new upgraded CPP steering system will keep you steering in the right direction and with ease.

28. Done.

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