11. The pulley slipped on with ease.

12. With the factory water pump bolted on, we were ready to add the alternator and power steering unit.

13. The pulley bracket went on with ease.

14. With a couple of turns of the ratchet, the bracket was bolted up.

15. We laid out the power steering in order to make sense of how it bolts on. This would make sure that the rubber hose wouldn’t bind up, starving the pump.

16. We clipped the reservoir in place and bolted down the power steering pump as one unit.

17. Two bolts held the alternator in place and only needed to be tightened by hand before they were tightened down with a torque wrench.

18. The drive was ready to receive a belt once the belt tensioner was bolted up.

19. The factory belt tensioner was installed, and the purpose of it is to keep the belt from slipping when running high RPMs.

20. The main belt was put on and went on with ease.

21. To make sure of our clearances, we mounted the starter.

22. The motor was ready to be installed and mocked into our car. Make sure to follow this step a few times to assure that the motor is installed properly.

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