The concept and principle of the combustion engine is the same today as it was upon its inception a century ago. A fuel and air mixture is compressed by a piston and subsequently ignited by the detonation of the spark plug. When the piston is at top-dead-center, the chamber is at its smallest dimension; this is the time when the fuel/air mixture is at its most unstable condition and ready to be ignited. The better the combustion chamber is designed, the better the engine “breathes;” that is, the more efficient the overall flow of air through the engine. While the initial steam engines were actually fairly powerful, they couldn’t overcome the power and convenience of the combustion engines, which have remained the standard in automotive applications since the early 1900s. Today, the principle behind combustion engines is the same as it ever was, save for the obvious modern updates that have happened over time, thanks to technology and engineering which have only improved the concept in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Thanks to these modern technological advances, the concept of “low and slow” has been all but forgotten by the current generation of enthusiasts who seem to prefer an “all show, all go” mentality.” Regrettably, it’s been over ten years since our first engine/SEMA shot graced the cover of Lowrider Magazine, and in those days, very few of us were attempting to build these crossover-styled engines. Thankfully, we educated ourselves with this feature back in 1998 and we’ve never looked back, taking the bull by the horns to educate you guys in the essentials of engine building. We’ve done our best to showcase the finest and latest in engine builds and techniques, bringing our readers everything from the addition of the classic 235 to classic bombs to today’s LS engine transplants. General Motors has taken note to classic auto builder needs and introduced their E-rod engines; which are designed to give enthusiasts maximum performance while complying with the smog laws currently implemented in all of the states.

Other aftermarket manufacturers have also seen the importance and popularity of the LS family of engines and have been working around the clock to bring the consumer all of the product needs that come with these engines. Some of these needs include motor mounts, oil pans, intakes, bolt kits, and even the serpentine systems that are being incorporated into these engine builds. We used to think that dressing up your engine meant sacrificing performance, but thanks to these modern innovations, that isn’t the case. Beyond the conventional accessories that these engines require, builders can also add other tricks like valve train upgrades that feature rolling lifter, cam-and-rockers setups that push these engines to the extreme.

From the proper lube to the latest engine accessories available for your classic, this guide will be sure to touch upon every subject under your hood. Picking the right combination of accessories can really dress up your engine compartment, but should also provide bolt-on power and give your car a little extra go for your money. If you want to look good under the hood or just want to go fast with a few bolt-on performance products, this guide should help you to design the perfect set up for your dream machine.

1. The Tru-Ram design is the result of “Speedy” Bill Smith’s years of hands-on experience, and dyno tests prove that it produces as much horsepower as a conventional tube header. Unlike steel tube headers, however, Tru-Rams do not generate excessive heat or noise, making them ideal for street rods and custom cars. To learn more about Tru-Ram manifolds visit them online at:

2. Hooker Street Rod/Universal SUPER COMPETITION Headers are great for custom car, truck, or street rod where a special fit tuned SUPER COMPETITION header is not available. These Headers come available in chrome, high heat resistant black paint or Hookers Metallic Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating. To learn more about this and other Hooker Headers log onto:

3. It’s all about character at CFR Performance, and that’s why they are featuring the complete pulley, bracket, and pump kit for Chevy Small Blocks out fitted for long water pumps. Included within the kit are one 100 amp internal alternator, one high volume long water pump, a power steering pump, all three pulleys and one crank pulley, and finally, the necessary alternator and power steering brackets. The complete billet aluminum kit is available in either a tough machined finish, or a mirror-like chrome coating. To learn more visit:

4. CFR Performance direct fit radiators are an exact replacement for 1959-72 Chevy Impala radiators and feature an allaluminum construction with a cross-flow cooling design. The radiator is constructed with an aluminum two-row furnace brazed core with one-inch tubes, comparable to a four-core radiator. The Impala direct fit radiator is also available in a polished finish (HZ-5972-POL), or with built-in automatic transmission cooling lines (HZ-5972-AT). To learn more about this and other CFR radiators, log onto:

5. Proform Performance/ Lose some weight and gain 40-50% more cranking power with this high-torque LS starter (#66273) from Proform® Parts. Designed to fit the LS1, LS2, LS6 and LS7 engines, this 100% new starter is approved by all leading sanctioning organizations for competition. The high-output 12V, 1.4 KW motor spins over faster than stock starters, providing the dependability you need. The starter features 3.75:1 sealed gear-reduction drive and full ball bearing construction. Shims to set the pinion gear engagement (when necessary) are included. Proform Parts has a comprehensive line of internal and external engine parts, dress up kits, engine building tools and more! Preview all their inexpensive products at:

6. Lokar’s Eliminator Floor Mount Throttle Pedal is designed with the Signature Lokar Quality you have come to expect. The pedal eliminates routing cables through the firewall and comes equipped with a billet aluminum splined adjustable shaft and stainless steel “under-the-floor” cable-mounting bracket. Order 48-inch cable for LS1 Ramjet and Vortec applications. To learn more about this and other Lokar products, visit them on the web at:

7. Every Lowrider knows that when it comes to valve covers, appearance is king. When it came to design a custom valve cover for the ultra-bad Edelbrock crate motor, the Victor series valve cover was born. Manufactured of die-cast aluminum, the Edelbrock Victor valve covers are coated with a textured black powder coating. Applications are available for small-block Ford, small-block Chevy (standard and center-bolt), and big-block Chevy. Complimentary black breathers and air-cleaners are also available (sold separately). Log onto: to learn more about this and other Edelbrock products.

8. Lokar has partnered with Williams Controls, the world leader in heavy-duty electronic throttle pedals to introduce the first programmable electronic throttle pedal (Drive- By- Wire) for the automotive aftermarket. These include a programmable Non-Contact (Solid State) halle fiect sensor for most GM, Ford, and Mopar applications. With a splined pedal arm for versatile mounting, and all-metal construction featuring aluminum and stainless steel, these boast 3 times the performance over standard OEM pedals. These are sensor programmed on the pedal to optimize electrical output for quick throttle response (No pedal lag). To learn more about this and other Lokar products, visit them on the web at:

9. Accessories Platinum Series SuperCool Water Pumps feature new, lightweight aluminum castings that provide up to 50% in weight savings over cast-iron pumps and use a nickel plated, non-corroding, low cavitation impeller that provides 30% more coolant flow resulting in temperature drops of up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The Platinum series pumps feature heavy duty ball/ roller bearings, center shaft and seals for maximum dependability, and a spin-balanced fan hub assembly to sustain high horsepower, high RPM engines. Available in chrome plated, polished aluminum or as cast finishes, these water pumps are perfect for all custom vehicles including street rods, street machines, race cars, tow vehicles and boats. For additional information or to obtain a catalog, visit:

10. Derale Performance re-Introduces their popular Transmission Cooling Pans. Boasting new tooling, and features such as a heatdissipating black finish, 1/8-inch NPT temperature sender port and drain plug with a stronger magnet and rubber/steel washer, these pans fit a wide variety of applications. These beauties are available for many popular GM, Ford and Chrysler transmissions. To read more about Derale Performance go to:

11. MJB Engineering manufactures custom high flow billet aluminum oval air cleaners. They feature lifetime K&N filters and all stainless steel hardware. These air cleaners fit any size, from one to eight carbs or stacks, depending on size allotment, and are constructed from 6061T6 aluminum plate. LB series models work with Holley Dominators or with vacuum secondaries, while the RB series is optimum for use with Holleys, Edelbrock (Carters) and Rochesters. Custom series’ are also designed for multiple carbs, Webers, Hilborns, and many other possibilities! These are very eye-catching with your choice of polished or un-polished finish, and are made in the U.S.A. by MJB Engineering, in business since 1978. Contact: MJB Engineering on the web at:

12. Lokar’s Billet Aluminum Throttle/ Kickdown Cable Mounting Bracket for Edelbrock four-Barrel Carburetors Features. CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum for strength and style. These are bracket designed to fit single or dual quad carbs to allow for easy installation of Lokar Throttle Cable and Kickdown kits. Recommended by Edelbrock, these attach to both rear carb bolts to eliminate bracket movement. To learn more about this and other Lokar products visit them on the web at:

13. Holley/ GM’s popular LS engines are finding their way into a large variety of vehicles. Unfortunately, the factory LS pans don’t always fit or they hang too low for today’s hot rods. Holley’s new LS Retro–fit Engine Oil Pan is designed to help! It provides maximum clearance to the chassis and ground, plus provides an OEM fitment for durability and proper sealing. To learn more about this and other Holley products:

14. Proform/Specialty Auto Parts, Inc. manufacturers many high quality parts for GM Performance Parts. In keeping with that superior quality level, these extruded aluminum roller pivot, roller tip rocker arms (#67097) fit perfectly for your small-block Chevrolet. They are available in 1.5 and 1.6 ratios for 3/8 and 7/16-inch studs, and are designed to provide rigidity and strength for street or strip use. These Proform rockers reduce internal friction and increase horsepower. Each set contains 16 extruded aluminum roller rockers and 16 poly locks. Proform has an extensive line of internal and external Chevy engine parts, engine building tools, street and race carburetors and engine dress up kits. Visit: to preview their complete line of inexpensive quality parts.

15. Edelbrock’s LS conversion kits are engineered to install an LS1 take out or crate motor into 1968-72 GM A-body applications. The #6754 conversion kit includes motor-mount conversion adapters, full-length headers, and header-back exhaust system with x-pipe. The motor-mounts are manufactured from half-inch steel and zinc coated for protection; grade eight hardware is also included. The true dual header-back exhaust is manufactured of mandrel bent 409 stainless steel for unrestricted fiow and includes an x-pipe. Two Edelbrock SDT 2.5-inch muflers and two threeinch polished 304 stainless steel tips finish of this system, yielding sound, style and performance. Log onto: to learn more about this and other Edelbrock products.

16. Mark7 Radiators/ This radiator has been specifically made for this application, and features dual 1.25-inch cores, capable of cooling up to 750-dynoed horsepower in 100-degree weather. All Mark 7 Radiators are custom made for your specific application; they are not of the shelf units. You supply the specifications on your engine, transmission, etc., and in approximately three weeks, the big brown truck delivers your aluminum jewelry. Custom shrouds are also available. Visit: for more information. Cool down your hot ride today!

17. Flex-A-Lite’s newest line of Low Profile Dual S-Blade fan systems can provide the maximum cooling you need for a limited space. Each model comes in its own shroud and features dual 12-1/8-inch diameter fans featuring Flex-A-Lite’s strong and eficient S-Blade design. The dual fan systems flow 2500 CFM of air and are available in “push” or “pull” applications. The Dual Low Profile S-Blade fan systems measure 15-1/2” X 26-1/4” X 2-5/8” and easily attach through your radiator’s core. The Dual Low Profile S-Blade fan models #410 and #420 are “pull” design, while the #430 and #440 models are “push” designs. Both the #410 and #430 models come with an adjustable thermostat, AC relay, and Flex-A-Lite’s VSC Variable Speed Control, that monitors coolant temperature and adjusts the fan speed to match cooling demand. For more information please visit Flex-A-Lite at:

18. Mast Motorsports/ Swapping an LS engine into your favorite hot rod or muscle car just got a lot easier thanks to the new revolutionary LS conversion oil pan from Mast Motorsports. Like the OEM LS oil pan, Mast’s LS conversion oil pan is manufactured from rugged cast aluminum and a thick pan rail maintains the oil pan steadying it for durability. The short front pan depth and optimum sump depth balances oil capacity while fitting virtually any chassis. Log onto: to learn more about this and other Mast Motorsport products

19. Edelbrock’s new LS Series Coil Covers are a great way to dress up the LS1 in your Corvette, F-Body, street rod, or muscle car. These Coil Covers are a center bolt style design and will fit 1999 and later LS1/LS6 center bolt valve covers with GM coils #12558948 or aftermarket replacement equivalent. Log onto: to learn more about this and other Edelbrock products

20. ARP Fasteners/ ARP stainless steel cylinder head bolts will help to give your engine those final details without sacrificing the strength of the bolts. To learn more about these and other ARP products, surf the web at:

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