15. Edelbrock’s LS conversion kits are engineered to install an LS1 take out or crate motor into 1968-72 GM A-body applications. The #6754 conversion kit includes motor-mount conversion adapters, full-length headers, and header-back exhaust system with x-pipe. The motor-mounts are manufactured from half-inch steel and zinc coated for protection; grade eight hardware is also included. The true dual header-back exhaust is manufactured of mandrel bent 409 stainless steel for unrestricted fiow and includes an x-pipe. Two Edelbrock SDT 2.5-inch muflers and two threeinch polished 304 stainless steel tips finish of this system, yielding sound, style and performance. Log onto: www.edelbrock.com to learn more about this and other Edelbrock products.

16. Mark7 Radiators/ This radiator has been specifically made for this application, and features dual 1.25-inch cores, capable of cooling up to 750-dynoed horsepower in 100-degree weather. All Mark 7 Radiators are custom made for your specific application; they are not of the shelf units. You supply the specifications on your engine, transmission, etc., and in approximately three weeks, the big brown truck delivers your aluminum jewelry. Custom shrouds are also available. Visit: www.mark7radiators.com for more information. Cool down your hot ride today!

17. Flex-A-Lite’s newest line of Low Profile Dual S-Blade fan systems can provide the maximum cooling you need for a limited space. Each model comes in its own shroud and features dual 12-1/8-inch diameter fans featuring Flex-A-Lite’s strong and eficient S-Blade design. The dual fan systems flow 2500 CFM of air and are available in “push” or “pull” applications. The Dual Low Profile S-Blade fan systems measure 15-1/2” X 26-1/4” X 2-5/8” and easily attach through your radiator’s core. The Dual Low Profile S-Blade fan models #410 and #420 are “pull” design, while the #430 and #440 models are “push” designs. Both the #410 and #430 models come with an adjustable thermostat, AC relay, and Flex-A-Lite’s VSC Variable Speed Control, that monitors coolant temperature and adjusts the fan speed to match cooling demand. For more information please visit Flex-A-Lite at: www.ex-a-lite.com

18. Mast Motorsports/ Swapping an LS engine into your favorite hot rod or muscle car just got a lot easier thanks to the new revolutionary LS conversion oil pan from Mast Motorsports. Like the OEM LS oil pan, Mast’s LS conversion oil pan is manufactured from rugged cast aluminum and a thick pan rail maintains the oil pan steadying it for durability. The short front pan depth and optimum sump depth balances oil capacity while fitting virtually any chassis. Log onto: www.mastmotorsports.com to learn more about this and other Mast Motorsport products

19. Edelbrock’s new LS Series Coil Covers are a great way to dress up the LS1 in your Corvette, F-Body, street rod, or muscle car. These Coil Covers are a center bolt style design and will fit 1999 and later LS1/LS6 center bolt valve covers with GM coils #12558948 or aftermarket replacement equivalent. Log onto: www.edelbrock.com to learn more about this and other Edelbrock products

20. ARP Fasteners/ ARP stainless steel cylinder head bolts will help to give your engine those final details without sacrificing the strength of the bolts. To learn more about these and other ARP products, surf the web at: www.arp-bolts.com