24. With the roof lined up, Dave prepared to weld it back together.

25. Dave started on the welding task by using his Miller gear.

26. Here’s a look at the spot welding technique necessary to put the roof back while keeping the metal from warping.

27. It is time consuming, but in the end, you can see how many beads of welds were needed.

28. Once the welding was finished, the welds were grounded down to make the roof look as if it was never cut.

29. The inner panels needed to be reinforced.

30. Dave used his Malco metal shears to cut out the panels.

31. The new brace and roof reinforcement looked really good, but unfortunately you will not be able to see it once the car has the interior added to it.

32. Once the metal was grinded and smoothed, it’s virtually impossible to determine if the roof was cut.

33. From the side of the roof, you can see the subtle change on the profile of the car.

34. All that was left to finish was to remove the window frame supports.

35. This Buick’s roof was properly streamlined after chopping and slanting the front and rear windows.

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