12. Using a long blade on the saws-all allowed Dave the power to also cut the inner section of the roof.

13. Dave was careful while cutting, making sure to follow his stencil lines.

14. The corners of the inner structure were cut using the saws-all blade.

15. Dave proceeded with a cut off wheel to cut the roof.

16. The inner support was cut with a cut off wheel as opposed to using the plasma or saws-all

17. The last part of the support structure was cut in order to allow the roof to be removed.

18. The roof was carefully removed.

19. This car was sporting a huge Hollywood top as the roof laid in wait to be welded back on.

20. With the roof off of the car, Dave had the freedom to lean the rear glass after a small cut in the back section of the roof.

21. The back window was slanted forward, and here you can see it on the side of the roof as it was reinforced.

22. It was time to thin down the roof, as Dr. Dave cut two inches from the top.

23. The roof was reassembled and it looked like a life-size puzzle.