12. The rotor went on with out a problem. EBC sport rotor actually draw cool air under the pad during heavy braking and reduce brake temperatures while also helping remove dirt, dust and debris and gasses created by heavy braking from the pad contact area. They also improve braking in off road conditions of wet, mud or sand and as such are a great choice for 4x4 vehicles.

13. Sal made sure that the rotor was on right. EBC Discs are directional “LEFT and RIGHT”. The spotted pattern and the sweeping grooves should be pointing to the rear of the vehicle.

14. The caliper was ready to be assembled.

15. The built-in clips kept the pad in place.

16. Sal tightened up the calipers and moved onto the front of the truck.

17. This stock front rotor slipped off easily, once it was wiggled off.

18. When we pulled off the stock pads, we realized that the stock pads had already cracked and could have caused a serious problem if we would have towed our vehicle.

19. With the dual pistons closed, the caliper was ready for brake pads.

20. While bolting on the caliper bracket, you could see the quality of the rotor as it also made a huge visual difference.

21. The front pads were locked in place.

22. The front calipers were on and ready to stop.

23. This quick upgrade will give you a new look and better performance as the slotted and drilled rotors give you better stopping power for your ride.

24. As you can see some of the benefits on these rotors include these arrows to show us which direction they needed to go on.

25. These rotors accented the wheels, but most importantly, made sure to stop us when we are towing our lowrider. We have done brake upgrades in the past but this EBC combo was the easiest that we have done in a long time as everything bolts right up. In fact we did the upgrade in less than one hour without the use of any power tools.

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