7. This gas tank had seen better days as the old fuel had taken its toll internally.

8. The new Classic Industries gas tank is going to give the car that custom look while internally performing in modern day capacity to control fuel tank slosh.

9. From any angle of this new gas tank, you can see that no corners were cut.

10. This gas tank was made easy to install as everything was labeled.

11. We added coupler #6AN fittings for the fuel lines, plugged the drain outlet, and pre-wired up the fuel pump and sending unit.

12. The gas tank was ready to be installed and was set in place to be lifted into position.

13. Even though this tank was empty, we still needed help to bolt it up as it was being held in place. Just remember that you don’t want to use sharp object like a floor jack, as it can puncture a hole through the tank.

14. Before we connected the fuel lines, we blew out any debris and old fuel that could contaminate the fuel system. By doing this, it also let us know that the lines were not clogged.

15. We grounded out the fuel pump and the sending unit.

16. We used a 3/8 fuel line and some tubing to join the stock fuel line and the fuel pump.

17. The stainless filler neck was connected to the gas tank.

18. This tank went in with no difficulties, and visually improved the look of the car. More importantly, the car was ready to store and supply fuel.

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