When you think of Classic Industries, you typically think of restoration pieces; well, they are more than just a restoration supplier. In addition to those sought after resto pieces, this well known company also carries the latest components to help personalize your car. From sheet metal repair to custom accessories, Classic Industries has become a key player in the Impala industry. We stopped at the Classic shop in Huntington Beach, and we were overwhelmed by the over abunadance of accessories that they now carry; it’s as if they have almost become a one-stop shop for your restoration needs.

Today, we took out an old gas tank from a’69 Impala and swapped it out with a modern gas tank that will allow us to add fuel injection technology in the near future. Benefits from this tank included a built-in fuel pump and a modern sending unit, which will give the driver the accuracy of a newer vehicle. The tanks also have baffles, which will eliminate the fuel rolling around and reading low while cornering. Now follow along, as we install a new stainless steel gas tank for this big cruising classic.

1. This gas tank had been sitting for several years and had old fuel inside which created debris and caused the tank to rot from the inside out.

2. Once we were under the car, we noticed that some of the original fuel lines had rotted away from the elements too.

3. We disconnected all of the fuel lines and prepared to remove the old gas tank.

4. The stock fuel neck was also disconnected to allow the tank to drop freely.

5. The next step was to loosen the gas tank straps by using a 9/16 socket and ratchet.

6. As you can see, the gas tank was removed and the floors on this car were solid and rust free.