15. The intake was ready to be installed and sealed using the SCE gaskets.

16. Using the manufacturers torque specs; we bolted down the Professional Products chrome plated intake.

17. The billet valve covers were attached, sealing up the rocker arms and push rods.

18. To keep us on track, we used the CFR Performance Ford 302 serpentine kit.

19. The harmonic balancer pulley was the first to be assembled.

20. Since we needed to mock up, we performed a test fit, as we used a mid 80s 5.0 water pump.

21. The spacers for the power steering kept the brackets lined up perfect.

22. The Allen wrench bolts were tightened down.

23. We used the stock power steering pump, as it had just been refurbished.

24. This kit was originally designed for a Ford alternator, but since we wanted to use a single wire alternator, we opted to use a Chevrolet 100 amp alternator.

25. The serpentine went on as expected and was ready for the next step; the tear down.

26. Once we knew that everything was lining up, we tore down and detailed the components.