19. The axle case was checked to make sure that it was straight.

20. The housing was de-burred, so to remove any unwanted material.

21. The gear case was ready to be assembled.

22. The gear bearing was pressed on.

23. The Currie team built this gear case without missing a beat.

24. Ruben added the yoke and new seal to the gear case.

25. In order to make sure that the axle was clean, it was hot tanked.

26. Brian made sure the build moved along, as he moved the housing to the assembly part of the build.

27. The axles were cut to size and were measured using this axle gauge.

28. The axle bearings were pressed on.

29. The Currie axle was ready to be bolted on.

30. The first item on the agenda was to bolt up the gear case to the axle housing.

31. Gonsalo tightened down the gear case.

32. The bearing on the axle was lubed with grease to allow it to slip with ease.

33. The axle and bearings were held in place by these four bolts that Gonsalo thoroughly tightened.

34. The rear brake drums were installed.

35. This Currie rear end was ready to be installed.

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