11. After 6 hours, we opted to redo the same process and treat the trunk one more time, doing the same procedure that we did earlier.

12. This tech is all about time. The more time you let the gel sit, the better the results, as you can see what happened after leaving the gel sitting overnight.

13. We still cleaned off the floor boards from any rust that might have been left behind using a wire brush.

14. All of the dust and trash that might have been left was vacuumed to make sure the floor was clean and ready for prep and paint.

15. The floor board was cleaned using low VC Eastwood paint prep.

16. The aerosol Eastwood etching primer made it easy to primer and seal the metal, as it was already pre-mixed to perfection and sprayed on as if you were using a paint gun.

17. The etching primer went on smoothly after it was built up in several coats.

18. The quarter panels also received a touch of love as we cleaned them off and got them ready for the anti-rust treatment.

19. We made sure to clean out the quarter panels from years of debris by vacuuming them.

20. We used Eastwood frame sealer in the quarter panels. The reason being, is that it made more like a liquid so it can run down into the sections that you can’t normally spray.

21. Here’s a look at the quarter panels once they were treated.

22. When we opened up the trunk, we honestly thought we were going to have to cut out the rust and patch the floors. As you can see, this trunk was ready for the next step.