20. Some of the panels received a touch of pinstriping.

21. Zack applied Gold leafing to his panel.

22. Josh felt no pressure, as he applied some fine lines on his panels.

23. Bugs (AZ) was able to deal with the pressure of his peers.

24. These panels looked good after they were cleared.

25. Paul Stoll of PPG industries showed us his old school panel after it was cleared.

26. Josh Culver, of Culver Customs in Kentucky, laid out some cool graphics that included flames and a roof panel.

27. Zack "The Kid" Felix, of Felix Designs from Las Vegas, showed us a modern Lowrider graphics style which featured pinstriping and a touch of Gold leafing.

28. Gilbert Melendez, of Gil's Kolorworks of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, showed us his flaming panel.

29. Marvin Shivnarain, of Artist Technicians in New York, showed us how the old school painters influenced his style.

30. Efrein "Bugs" Gonzales, of Bugs Auto Art and massage parlor in Phoenix, AZ, showed us his tail gate design with a Lowrider style touch.

31. Danny "Danny D" Galvez, of Baldwin Park, CA, showed us his old-school panel that was done and featured with no pin-striping.