5. The panels were sealed and left to dry for the next step.

6. Frank helped the panel dry using the air dryer gun which seems to be one of the additional steps in the new paint system.

7. Paul mixed some base clear to mix with some flake which will serve as the foundation for the panels.

8. The flake was stirred into the clear and ready to be shot onto the panels.

9. The panels were flaked out and left to dry in the heated booth.

10. After lunch Gilbert got his panel ready for his designs.

11. Marvin (NY) started laying out the art work on the panels.

12. Josh (KY) laid out a variety of styles on his panel.

13. As you can see, graphics take a lot of masking up and time before the first color can be laid out.

14. Paul mixed several colors that were ready for paint.

15. The paint started to flow in the booth, as did the creativity.

16. This paint could be used for mural work as they showed us on this panel.

17. The water borne paint adhered in a similar fashion to the old style, so the painters adjusted quickly.

18. As you can see, this panel wasn’t complete and the colors were already vibrant.

19. Louie of Louie’s Kustom Kolors sprayed his scallops that featured an old-school fade.