These are just a few key points from the 2011 Tire and Wheel Guide which should help you out with your wheel shopping. Now, let’s get rolling and on the road through this year’s tire and wheel guide.

Continental Tires
The ExtremeContact DWS features improved grip and braking in both dry and wet conditions with a unique asymmetrical tread design. This tire includes an advanced tread compound for improved traction in all-weather conditions including snow, significantly improved mileage, and an industry leading level of rolling resistance for better fuel economy. To learn more about this and other Continental Tires look them up at:

Maxxis Tires
Victra is an ultra high-performance radial featuring an aggressive unidirectional tread design. The Victras offers excellent cornering and handling ability as well as superior wet and dry traction. To learn more about this and other Maxxis fitments and applications log onto:

Coker Tires
When it comes to Lowrider tires, the choices are limited if you want the right style, but Coker Tire has supplied Lowrider enthusiasts with good-looking tires for years. The Premium Sport is a bias ply design that is available for 13 and 14-inch wheels, and there’s no mistaking the narrow tread profile and classic styling. You won’t find a better Lowrider tire, but Coker found a way to improve upon the design. To learn more about the Coker tire line look them up on the web at:

Vogue Tires
With the Signature V tyre, drivers can enjoy a windy road just as easily as a cruise down the freeway. Additionally, the 245/40R20 99V fitment, which is a recommended plus size for many luxury vehicles including Mercedes S-class, Lexus LS460, Infiniti M, Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac CTS, also provides comfort, traction and durability. To find your local Vogue products dealer, visit them at:

General Tires
Born from competition, this tire has been developed by the most skilled engineers and tested by the best off-road racers, including Carl Renezeder and BJ Baldwin. This aggressive tire will perform and keep your ride looking good from the dirt to the street. To learn more about this and other General tires log onto:

Toyo Tires
The Proxes T1R is Toyo Tires’ generation UHP tire designed exclusively for high-end sport sedans and coupes. It takes advantage of computer simulation technology providing high-speed stability in both dry and wet conditions with low noise and ride comfort. The tread pattern features rigid shoulder rib-bands that deliver excellent dry handling while resisting irregular wear for less tire noise. To learn more about this and other Toyo tires log onto:

The 72 spoke cross lace wires are available in several custom combinations. for fitment applications go to the

Diablo Wheels
Reflection X-Patented design allows you to add color or graphics without paint and change it as often as you want. To learn more about Diablo wheels, log onto:

Forgiato Wheels
The Sedici wheel is the latest wheel to come out of the Foriato line. To learn more about the applications and sizes available, or to find your local dealer, log onto:

RW3 Wheels
The RW3-features a deep lip, multi-spoke wheel that is sure to take your automobile to the next level. for more information go to:

Dynasty Wheels
D837 The new Destany wheel Machined lip & barrel with sizes available in 18, 20 and 22. To find out more information log on to:

ORM Wheels
X18 Mudboss features a Machined Face with 17, 18, and 20 sizes. To find out more information log onto:

Player Wheels
The P815 Kilo with Black Inserts is set up for your SUV and is available in the 20, 22, 24 and 26-inch models. To find your application, look them up in cyberspace at:

American Racing
American TORQ THRUST ST chrome one-piece aluminum chrome wheel is made for style and performance. To learn more about these and other American Racing wheels, look them up at: