Pro Form HEI distributors feature sintered steel weights, withstanding 270-newtons minimum for maximum durability, and a validated harness and capacitor for reliable energy flow. To view all of their products, log onto at:

MSD Ignition distributors also have a built-in module. No ignition control is required and they provide more than adequate spark output for street/strip applications. For more information on this and other MSD distributors, visit them at:

CFR Performance chrome ball mill air cleaner will save you time and the hassle of dealing with chrome plating shops. To learn about this and other CFR Products, visit them at:

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The Tru-Ram design is the result of "Speedy" Bill Smith's years of hands-on experience, from dyno tests that prove that their header produces as much horsepower as a conventional tube header. Unlike steel tube headers, however, Tru-Ram does not generate excessive heat or noise, making them ideal for lowriders or custom cars. To inquire more about Tru-Ram manifolds, visit them online at:

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