Wards Silicone Glaze :
This was considered to be very high tech in its era, and the concept lasted a few decades, as the company has improved their formulas over the years. Atlas polishing cloths were made for automotive and home applications. The cleaning cloths were treated with wax, and were readymade for cleaning, dusting and polishing.

Cadie Polishing Cloth :
These polishing cloths were made to polish nickel, chromium, aluminum, and brass. These were sold though some of the dealerships. This item was probably the most controversial option ever found. Being a minority, I was okay with the packaging at first glance, but then I discovered the marketing labels and found it a little offensive. Those were different times back then; thank heaven for our Civil Rights movement! Would I ever go look for one now? No. I would have to throw it away; making true the old adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Nevr Dull :
This has been around for years, but has been fading away as the automotive industry has gotten away from all the chrome that used to be incorporated into their designs. To this day, it is an extraordinary cleaning wonder that shines ALL metals with sparkling ease. These cans contained a generous supply of specially treated cotton wadding cloths. The application was simple as you could use a piece of wadding from the can and rub it thoroughly over the surface to be polished. NEVR-DULL works instantly, removing tarnish and dirt. All you had to do is wipe the area with a clean, dry rag and the metals would come back to their original luster. The only difference is you'll pay about three to four times the price of a new can of Nevr-Dull.

Andy glaze :
This product was designed on an old painted tin can and featured fun graphics. Tins like this one in excellent condition have fetched as high as $8.00 in auction prices. Something like this can really help the vintage guys dress up their display areas.

Turtle wax :
Even though this product was introduced in the '80's, it was marketed to look older. This marketing strategy helped to establish it as being a product that had been around for years.