This month in our "Deluxe" section, we decided to look at the car care options of the '40's and '50's. One look at these products and it's easy to see how things have changed over time. Today's technology has come a long way from the days of yesteryear as environmentalist groups have gotten increasingly more involved in anti-pollution efforts. Car Care companies have had to change and create products that are more environmentally friendly, without gouging their consumers.

In the past, marketing strategies were also very different. Back then, products were much more niche market, and targeted the smaller consumer groups who usually owned the specific models of cars that products were initially developed for. Now, many of the car care products are much more general in nature, and thus are able to be utilized on a variety of different automobiles. Had these companies not changed some of their products and strategies, it's safe to say that some of these companies would have gone under and would not be here today.

For some of today's car builders, these relics or artifacts are now used to decorate their cars while on display. Some of these items are the final dress up items we use to take us back in time, to the eras when these cars were new.

The saying "one man's trash becomes another man's treasure" couldn't be more true than in the world of automobile restoration. If you have some vintage accessories and artifacts that you want to share with the public, drop us an email at:

Simoniz kleener :
Simoniz Kleener - This paste cleaner is far from carnuba, but a used jar in this condition can still fetch $25 at the local antique swap meet or on eBay. Champion Vinyl/Leather Cleaner has been around for years, and has recently been reinvented from the introductory days when it was introduced as furniture cleaner. Triple L Tire dressing was designed to keep your whitewalls clean. Brands like this one became obsolete, as in the '90's, manufacturers designed vehicles with bigger wheels.