10. Using a fine sanding paper allows a smooth finish on the trim.

11. With the edges done, the molding was placed back on to see how much of the car trim was needed to be trimmed.

12. Gonzalo carefully measured for the adjustments that were going to take place.

13. Using a cut off wheel, he kept the cut perfectly straight.

14. The trim followed the angle of the fiberglass molding and was set up to be tack welded in place.

15. The front of the molding received the same process as the rear section did.

16. Another trick that Gonzalo used was to place newspaper on the metal table; this kept the metal from arching out when the weld was being done.

17. Once the edges were welded, the grinding process was repeated.

18. High RPM sanding was performed to smooth out the stainless molding.

19. A final buff was done at high speeds, and since this trim was stainless, the finish will look as if it was chrome plated.

20. Here is a shot of the trim, before it was capped off.

21. The edges capped gave the molding that completed look.

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