5. After rinsing off the degreaser, the engine was ready to be prepped for paint.

6. With a budget in mind and plans for a driver, we used DUPLI-COLOR high heat engine paint. This would also allow us to paint the engine in sections.

7. The stock plastic intake was removed.

8. The intake valley needed to be cleaned, prepped, and painted.

9. The first accessories that we found for our LS conversion included the Weiand intake, the ARP engine bolt kit and Holley motor mount adaptors.

10. The bottom of the intake needed to be sealed.

11. This access plate will keep the air from leaking from the manifold.

12. Using an Allen wrench, the plate was bolted down.

13. The access plate was attached.

14. The intake gaskets were positioned for a dry run fit.

15. Louie placed the intake onto the engine to make sure that it fit before doing the final install.

16. With the intake on the engine, we realized that the valley coolant lines were hitting and were going to have to be modified.

17. After really evaluating the situation, the only option that we had was to switch the valley coolant lines with replacements from a LS6.

18. This engine is going to look good once it's put together, but for now, we need to make a trip to the dealer and order some replacement parts.

Weiand Performance Intakes
ARP Fasteners
1863 Eastman Avenue
CA  93003
Dave's Goldenwest Auto Wrecking
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