As years have gone by, the Lowrider culture has slowly gained respect and popularity in the general market place. You can now find Lowrider culture-inspired toys, shirts, and anything else imaginable in big box retailers across the country. Just a few years ago, this would have been unheard of, but with these advancements, a whole new opportunity has arisen for manufactures to cash in on this growing movement. Manufacturers have been creating and manufacturing t-shirts, toys, car accessories, and various other products to serve this new market.

The expansion of all things Lowrider has been good for us, as we can rely on these new items to keep things going fresh and strong, in order to help us keep our young customers interested and involved in the Lowrider culture. In the 90's and again in 2004, we attempted to open up a store in the mall, and we faced much resistance in the process. This resistance was due in part to some of our opposition's stereotypical views to the Lowrider lifestyles. One leasing agent told us, "The products from your store would bring in the type of customers we have been trying to get rid of for years." Angered and even more determined to open a store in a mall, we tried again. We finally got our break in 2005, when we were able to open a location at Metro Center Mall in Phoenix, AZ.

In an effort to reinvent ourselves, we cut our records and tapes inventory and opened up our 2nd location under the name "Old School City." The response was amazing. People of all ages and all races would stop by and compliment our store. To this day, we have people telling us they have never seen a store like "Old School City." It's basically taken on the form of a Lowrider culture headquarters in a 4,500 square foot space.

From the beginning, we have been a family operated business, but we've also had the pleasure of staffing some great employees that have become like family to us as well. My job is to manage the day to day operation, and my wife Diana Aguilar, and four boys Willie Jr. David, Victor, and Alex are all part of the sales staff. We all work hard to help out each other at the store locations and at the car shows.

As we look into the future of our business, we hope to answer our customers' overwhelming request of establishing "Old School City" stores in many different states. We are also looking into the possibility of franchising the "Old School City" name to other businesses that are looking to open up their own stores. If you are interested, please send us an email at

Old School City is also online @ where you can purchase items now, and we also own a social network There you can network with other Lowrider enthusiasts. With over 35 years of Lowrider history, Old School City is here to stay!