'59 NOS Speed Minder
If you can find it in this condition, you might be paying close to $4,000. The purpose of this accessory was to keep you from speeding by setting up a certain max speed that was pre-dialed. You would set the dial at a certain speed, and if you went over it, the dial would start beeping until you lowered the speed. It could be mentioned in the same breath as the newer fuel governors found in modern cars.

Fox Craft Cruising Skirts
These skirts always dress up the body-lines. Just when you thought you got off easy by spending $3,000 on a clean set of skirts, the reality should be hitting you that all the accessories that you see on them skirts are all sold separately, and you'll probably spend an additional $500 for both skirts. These accessories are usually the sergeant stripes, dummy ports, and the Buick stars.