Letting your engine breathe properly is crucial to engine longevity, and is usually one of the first upgrades performed on prospective builds. From glass packs, to a set of modern day Flowmaster exhaust mufflers, there are a variety of products out there that can help to achieve better air intake/outtake for your ride. When you purchase custom exhaust systems for your vehicle, you can rest assured that you are getting the most advanced, and professionally engineered mandrel bent exhaust systems available. Each exhaust system is custom tailored to fit your vehicle, to allow for ease of installation and to give your vehicle that custom look. Benefits of exhaust systems include reduced backpressure for improved acceleration and towing power, cooler under hood temperatures, cleaner and more efficient burn in the combustion chambers, and last and most importantly, better overall fuel economy. Another popular upgrade used to modify a car's exhaust system is the installation of a new set of headers. Many companies like Hooker Headers are offering 50 different state legal headers for certain applications, but remember to consult with your state's laws before you buy, so you can be aware of what restrictions may apply to your ride.

Picking the right combination of accessories can really dress up your engine compartment, but they should also provide bolt-on power, and help to give your car a little extra go for your money. For those readers out there who want to look good under the hood, and build a reliable engine, this guide should help to give you a step in the right direction.