"My father and I considered this work an art form because you can't hide any imperfections with bondo or body filler," he notes. "Your parts need to be worked right and polished the right way, if not, your parts will come out wavy or dull. This art form is not something that you can find in the yellow pages, it's just not something that comes with an owner's manual," he says truthfully. "Every molding has its own contours and shapes, and is worked similarly. No matter if its aluminum or stainless, it just takes a little patience," he remarks. "You can't rush these jobs and our customers know that. We have had to do re-work on moldings that were worked on by other people, those are usually the worst and more time consuming." Despite the time frame necessary for quality work, Gonzalo prides himself in still executing perfection in the most efficient manner possible. "Depending on the job, our normal turnaround is two weeks on moldings," he says.

While visiting G.E. Auto Antique, Gonzalo showed us a common repair done to convertible trim, as it usually breaks or cracks from the same area. Here 's the inside look on trim repair, as Gonzalo Jr. fixes some classic convertible trim.

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