AutoSharp Pen
No matter how careful you are, sooner or later your car or truck is going to get rock chips and scratches. Though it might look like a basic office highlighter, the AutoSharp Pen from AutoVisual is actually a spun aluminum cylinder loaded with a generous supply of paint, which is custom-mixed to match your vehicle's factory paint color. The durable fine-point felt tip is spring-loaded for precise flow of paint and the body contains a rattle agitator for thorough mixing prior to each use. Unlike many touchup products, AutoVisuals' uses only premium-quality urethane paints, the same type used by carmakers for optimum appearance and durability. There's also a handy clear-coat AutoSharp Pen available so you can complete the repair with a glossy clear topcoat.

Front End Suspension Kits
Introducing the new front-end suspension kits for 1958-76 full size Chevys! Replace your front-end components to keep your car on the road and help your classic steer properly. Original style kits include outer tie rod ends, upper & lower ball joints, a-arm bushings and stabilizer links.

Don't Hack your Magnum
Universal Car Lifts' new extended spindles allow you to bolt 24" and larger wheels on your 04+ Dodge Magnum, Charger, and Chrysler 300c. The spindle's extended design allows you to bolt your larger rim and tire combos without hacking up the upper ball joint.

Dryaire Membrane System
Air quality has a significant - and important - impact on a shop's work. Even the most talented or experienced painter won't turn out a professional job if there's excessive moisture or airborne particulates in the compressed air system. And, with many shops making the investment to use water-borne and water-based paints, now is a good time to invest in an air system upgrade. Sharpe's 3 stage Dryaire Membrane System utilizes advanced membrane technology instead of desiccant beads. It maintains a -40F dew point while achieving 0% compressed air humidity, and removes oil and sub-micron particles down to .01 micron. Because there are no beads to replace, the system is very low-maintenance, saving on costs over the life of its use, and there are no chemicals to dispose of. Simple to install, the 3-stage Dryaire membrane system comes assembled and ready to use.