The March Performance mid-mount kit incorporates a combination bracket that provides a compact and strong mounting for the alternator and air conditioning unit. The addition of an idler provides excellent belt wrap around the alternator and A/C compressor pulleys for no slippage during operation. The unit replaces your low-performance V-belts, pulleys and brackets while retaining your standard rotation water pump. March Performance boasts that it's also simple to bolt on and it eliminates belt throwing.

These kits fit most mid- and full-size cars from the early 1950s and up. Before purchasing a serpentine kit you should look at your clearance issues; you should check the water pump nose to radiator clearance. Long water pumps extend out 8 inches from the engine block, not including the clearance for mechanical or electric fans. Now follow along as we make over the engine compartment in this classic Impala using March Performance's latest serpentine kit.

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