We are always talking about what's next after you're done with your lowrider. The fact is that our cars take so long to build, mostly because of money situations, that by the time we're done, we already want to redo the vehicle. If we were to perpetually tear down our cars and redo them, constantly trying to keep up with the Joneses, our cars would never get done. Most of us opt to add or make some changes to our vehicles. Engine compartments have come a long way in the last 10 years as there are different parts that will allow you to dress up your engine to your liking without major downtime.

We caught up with this '61 Chevy Impala that had been dressed up with some chrome and billet parts under the hood. It had a decent compartment, but after enjoying the car, the owner wanted to change it up and get back into the game. We suggested changing out the old V-belt style pulleys and stock brackets. This simple upgrade is something that can be done in a few hours and it will dramatically change your engine compartment, giving you style, efficiency and performance at the same time. With so many different serpentine kits and brackets available, we went back to our friends at March Performance who told us to try their new mid-mount serpentine kit.