Those are the primary facts. Now let's talk about the human aspect. A good friend's ten-year-old niece was riding her bike on the street she spent her entire life on, living in the city her parents live, work, and pay taxes in. The same state which shares three generations of this family. A car full of young Caucasian teens whizzed by her while the occupants rolled down the window and yelled to this little sweet girl, "go back to Mexico beaner, we don't want you here! Across town, a similar action, the car rolled down the window and yelled out similar racial expletives, this time firing a weapon hitting a young Latino with a life threatening wound. I can provide many more examples of stories such as this which are becoming a realization in the Grand Canyon State. Once State lawmakers decided this will be the way we do business, it unleashed the hounds of prejudice and evil which will seek out to destroy what human rights we have left. Unlike the Lowrider Community, our diversity between cultures and beliefs balance out with the overall love for the Lowrider lifestyle. This is one of the times, Arizona needs to look at the Lowrider Community as an example in respecting our fellow man no matter what car club plaque you own, as Americans, we need to respect human rights and the dignity for all.

My personal opinion on this is once our Leadership signed this Law, they also signed a Do Not Go to Jail Pass to the underlying prejudices some people were keeping bottled up. As human beings with frailties, vices, and imperfections which we sometimes cannot control ourselves, it takes outside influences to keep us in check and balanced. Our character is molded at home and is carved by our surroundings on what we see and hear. If you are taught hatred and prejudice, you will be a prime candidate to continue this behavior once you leave your parents. It is vital we as a society teach our children the values our forefathers spilled blood over. The American flag is red, white, and blue. If it were only white, this country would be no more. Ask the immigrants which fought in world wars for all of us. Ask the Mexican Americans which fought for this country in the civil war including along other Texans in the Alamo. It was the determination of our immigrant ancestors who paved the way for our freedom as a society.

Currently, there are organizations including other Cities and States which are actively boycotting Arizona because of this new Law. I realize in some instances, this can make sense. But if you examine the potential effects more closely, you will see that it will not only affect the state coffers, but directly affect the states Latino community as well. Throwing the dirty bath water out along with the baby will not correct this problem. In the past twenty years, Latino and Hispanic populations and more importantly, overall influence has swept the United States. The fact that our neighbors to the south once governed California, Arizona, and part of Texas, the cultural influences are embedded deep in our heritage including to some degree, our DNA. If you don't like your front yard, you can either re-landscape, or move. Let us not forget the border moved, not us. Don't get me wrong, I am proud to be an American. The greatest country in the world is naturally a destination for the many who want to make a better life for their family. But with a broken immigration system in place, people do what they need to do instinctively.

If you feel that there is nothing you can do, consider the alternative, and in that we still have a government in place which allows us a voice in the form of a vote. Register to vote. With your emerging presence being felt, you and I can make a difference.

I believe we need to approach this with more intelligence and dignity for our fellow human beings. If you need some direction, look for the handbook which has worked well for many. The cover says "HOLY BIBLE"