Unfortunately, Richard Gonzales passed on April 28th, 2007. The direct impact he made to his community is immeasurable, and his pursuit of happiness was felt by the many who knew him. His wife, Pam, described him as 'a big bear with a big heart.' He was a great protector and leader, and his presence gave off the aura of a fellow Lowrider Brother who would fight the good fight in helping others succeed. This garnered him an incredible amount of respect, both inside and outside The Majestic's. He understood that this is the mark of being a great Lowrider Car Club President. You really have to share the talents that God has graced you with, and become a blessing, not a burden, to your fellow man. Mr. Majestic of AZ will not be forgotten. His memories are as solid as the plaque that flew on the cars he drove to each of the car shows The Majestic's attended. Big Rich and his big heart have continued to flourish even after his passing, but now it is his true friends that want to give back in return. Take for instance the work of Todd Land, who is now refinishing one of Richard's rides so that the plaque he stood for can continue to fly proudly on the car that helped put the Majestic's in Phoenix. Ride in Peace, Brother.