Being a new local car club, they attended the first ever Lowrider Magazine Firebird Lake Car Show in 1977. The show in the desert was the first of a long running tradition, which over the years, moved to the beautiful and air-conditioned Phoenix Civic Plaza. The event is now orchestrated by Johnny Lozoya of Super Events. Little did the local Majestic's chapter know, but a few out of state car clubs braved the desert sun to partake in the Lowrider Show as well. Car Club plaques from Imperials, Lifestyle, Stylistics, Klique, and Majestics were displaying the best of what Califas had to offer in the form of candies, flakes, and pearls. When Big Rich saw the California plaques, he thought, 'here we go, a showdown in the desert.' But he and his fellow members were surprised and amazed when the California Mother Chapter approached them and asked them to be the 7th Chapter of their growing organization. Boyd, the California President, cleared the way for the Phoenix, Arizona Chapter. Big Rich agreed, and transformed the local version into an extension of this growing club. In today's climate, this visionary move would be the equivalent of buying early stock in Microsoft. The christening became complete at the LA Super Show, as the twelve-man Phoenix Chapter received their inaugural plaques and club colors before meeting with other Chapters for a Majestic Party at the event!

Since then, many outstanding members have honored the Arizona Majestic's plaque flyers that have since passed on. Marty Smith always made his presence known with his '67 Impala, much in the same way good friend Andy Valles did before passing on a year after Big Rich. The Majestic's are well known for their rich tradition of building true Lowriders with small wheels and juice. They have always maintained their roots of Lowriding in the traditional sense. Richard always made sure he was able to fly his plaque proudly; a long way from his early days in that Lowrider Pinto. Richard managed to build a variety of beautiful rides throughout his amazing career, including a '63 Impala, a fully custom '73 Convertible, and most recently, a '94 Cadillac. These rides all pulled in their fair share of awards and trophies.

Richard's impact was not only felt by his car club, but in the community as well. He strived to stay connected in many ways. As a Lowrider activist, he knew it was critical for his club to give back to the community in order to be more widely accepted, and he utilized many avenues to accomplish this. Richard donated his time and energy with Chicanos Por La Casa, The Salvation Army, and many other charitable organizations which genuinely appreciated his generosity. He also instilled the value of community service into his club, something that still binds the Majestic's today. They still participate in an Annual Toy Drive and many other community outreach projects for families in Phoenix, Avondale, Casa Grande, and Glendale, Arizona. Big Rich also took good care of his own family while guiding the car club. Whenever the club made a road trip to far away car shows, there were always detours like Sea World in San Diego, The Las Vegas Strip, and other Amusement Parks and getaways for his kids, grandkids, and fellow car club family members to enjoy. The Arizona Majestic's have always maintained a family atmosphere; it is at the very core of their club values. This made each member an extension of their own families, and provided an unsurpassed unity for this groundbreaking club to thrive upon.