Marvin's torrid affair and downward spiral into obsessions with sex and cocaine fueled his ultimate downfall. A messy alimony agreement left Anna entitled to profits off of Gaye's next album, so he defiantly titled it "Here, My Dear," and dished out the dirt on their relationship throughout the disc. A self indulgent move designed to slow album sales so that his ex-wife would not become rich off of their split, Marvin's plan worked, and the album tanked. Drugs and tax problems further slowed Gaye's career, spinning him into a state of constant paranoia, and forcing him to move Janis and his children to Hawaii as he attempted to save this union, which was also going downhill in a hurry. Living in a bread van, he began working on his next album "In Our Lifetime Vol. 1" before finishing it in Europe, as he was on the run from the I.R.S.. In 1982, Marvin released the monster single "Sexual Healing," which signaled a potential comeback for the troubled musician. It won him his first two Grammy awards, and landed him a European tour. Unfortunately, the album the single was released on, "Midnight Love," was underwhelming, and Marvin's cocaine problem was at an all-time high. His last enigmatic performance would come at the NBA All-Star Game in 1983, where he put his own unique stamp on the Star Spangled Banner, leaving nearly half of the starters for each team in tears by the song's end. It remains one of the most stirring versions of the song to date.

By late 1983, Marvin complained of depression, and exhibited suicidal tendencies before heading back into seclusion. He moved into his parents' house in 1984, and the reunion between Marvin and his Father reignited unresolved tensions between the two. One day, after intervening on his mother's behalf during a family argument, Gaye and his father engaged in a heated fight, which ended with Marvin Gay Sr. shooting Marvin Gaye in the chest, killing him instantly. The gun his father used was actually given to him four months earlier by Marvin himself, and many believe this to be a tragically ironic end to an otherwise brilliant life.