Undoubtedly, there are some of you reading this column with a firsthand account of this difficult experience, as many of you probably have a brother, sister, cousin, aunt, or uncle, father or mother, who is currently serving overseas. There may even be some of you out there who are actually reading this on the front lines. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your tremendous sacrifice for our country. My hope is that Americans of all races offer their unconditional support to those families affected during this excruciating time, regardless of gender, creed, or political beliefs. You can guarantee that while U.S. Troops take pride in their work overseas, they would definitely rather be enjoying these daily struggles that we feel overwhelmed by, than to be in the constant state of danger and conflict. Hitting up the Pomona Swap Meet or participating in a cruise night sounds a lot more fun to me than attempting to stop global terrorism while rebuilding a war-torn nation and ensuring American freedom and safety. I would much rather cruise somewhere in a low convertible than travel to Kabul in a Humvee equipped with a .50 Cal Semi-Automatic machine gun that is armed, "just in case." I encourage all of you out there to really sit down and think about what these brave Latino men and women are doing for you right now, the sacrifices they are making, and what it must be like to be away from your family and friends, and fighting in a war that seems so difficult to understand. We here at Lowrider offer our sincerest apologies to the families of our fallen soldiers, and our unwavering support to all families who have been or are currently affected by this conflict. We can only hope to find some way to pay you back.