Another innovation that's here to stay is the Apple iPod, which allows you to download music and hear it anywhere you go. The latest iPods are available with up to 160 GB of memory space for music and video, making it possible to maintain an entire music and movie library in the palm of your hand. The integration of iPod technology can be seen in the small "shuffle," or in the more economical Nano's, which are great if you have a small music library that you want to bring with you.

Summing up all of the latest technology in a few pages is nearly impossible to do, as the technology coming from today's audio/video manufacturers surpasses yesterday's technology by a wide margin. With so much new product out there, we hope that we can be helpful with some information for all your audio needs, from entry-level car stereo to the more serious earth-shattering sound systems. We hope that our 2010 Audio/Video Buyer's Guide can help you make the right choice for your custom vehicle.

JL Audio
12Wx Subwoofer
True JL Audio subwoofer performance at a very nice price! These 12" subwoofers have a long excursion, DMA-optimized motor system, Elevated Frame Cooling technology, highly linear suspension and have a Power Handling of: 200W RMS. If you want to learn more about this product and the JL Audio line up log onto

Superior sound quality and simple drop-in installation make Boston SC Mobile speakers a perfect fit for car audio enthusiasts looking for great paerformance from factory locations. To learn more about this and other Boston Acoustics products visit them on the web at

Boston's G1 car audio subwoofer incorporates features such as SureSet impedance selection and protection and RadialVent cooling-plus the flexibility to work in multiple enclosure types. To learn more about this and other Boston Acoustics products visit them on the web at

JL Audio
C3650 Speakers
JL Audio C3650 converts from coaxial to component system in seconds. Oversized 1.2-inch woofer voice coils for superior power handling. This system features a pure silk dome tweeter for smooth, accurate high frequency response, programmable outboard crossover networks with tweeter and mid-range presence controls DMA-Optimized motors for superior mid-bass and linearity. If you want to learn more about this product and the JL Audio line up log onto

Clarions subwoofer line includes three series, the WQ high-end series, WF mid level shallow series and the more economical WG series. The WQ and WG series offers one 10" and 12" subwoofer. All provide balanced sound, while delivering a powerful acoustic space yet maintaining pure sound quality. The WQ series subs include dual gold plated terminal blocks, custom stamped steel powder coated chassis and accommodate 1500Watts of max power handling with 500Watts of continuous raw power. They both include aluminum finished top cones, high-excursion rubber surrounds and dual strontium magnets. To learn more about Clarion's audio line visit them at

OPTIMA Batteries/ Spiralcell Technology is what differentiates OPTIMA batteries from the competition in both appearance and performance. Their unique shape is the result of six spiral-wound AGM (absorbed glass mat) cells that are tightly compressed into a sealed case. This patented Spiralcell design allows OPTIMA batteries to deliver superior performance in both starting and deep cycling applications making them perfect for all your different applications. To learn more about Optima batteries log onto

The Solo-Baric L5 inherits all the same patented technology as the dominant L7 square woofer, with a hot new look and improved design for an even mightier performance. The L5's motor structure also handles extreme power with high-temp dual voice coils covering a new heat-dispersing, solid pole piece, a poly-cotton semi-progressive spider with perimeter venting built into the spider landing, and long-lasting Spiralead tinsel leads. Altogether it's a square-sub recipe for delivering superior bass. To learn more about living loud check out kicker on line at

The rugged ORION XTRPRO124 12 inch subwoofer provides continuous power handling of 500 watts RMS at a price that won't break the bank: just $249 MSRP. Born with a bad attitude and the raw muscle to back it up, XTRPRO subwoofers hit harder and stronger than the competition. For more info please visit