Setting a new standard in value for high performance amplification. With stunning looks, an aggressive feature set, and crisp clean power, GTA Amplifiers the right choice for any demanding listener. To learn more about this and other Boston Acoustics products visit them on the web at

HCCA 25001
High Current Competition Class D Mono Amplifier drives 2,500 watts RMS into 1 ohm: serious amounts of power driving ridiculously low impedances at completely sick output levels, when you have to be the LOUDEST, the LOWEST and the STRONGEST system in the joint. For more information please visit

Pioneer developed the industry's first basalt fiber made from natural rock interwoven with aramid fiber. Used in the surface layer, this Aramid/Basalt Fiber material is highly rigid and better absorbent, enhancing stability and maintaining integrity throughout a wide temperature range. D-Series speakers feature an exclusive rear chamber tweeter enclosure that we first used in our famed PRS speakers. It extends mid-range frequency for improved vocal imaging and staging. The built-in crossover improves the transition from mid to high frequency, for a smoother mid-range to tweeter response. Audiophile-grade capacitors and inductors are used, and all components are encased in a clear acrylic cover for protection. To learn more about log onto

JL Audio
XD600/6 AMPlifier
The new XD amplifiers employ JL Audio's hyper-efficient NexD technology to unleash huge, audiophile-grade performance from an amazingly compact package. Achieving total efficiencies above 80% and employing an unregulated power supply, XD amplifiers strike an impressive balance of fidelity, power and size while also putting far less strain on your vehicle's electrical system than conventional "big" amplifiers. If you want to learn more about this product and the JL Audio line up log onto

GM Digital Series
Class-D amplifiers are 80-90 percent more efficient than those of traditional class A/B design. The monoblock GM-D8500M and GM-D7500M are engineered specifically to power in-vehicle subwoofers and feature 2 ohm stability allowing them to deliver high power and ahigh current in a wide variety of configurations, from a single subwoofer to multiple subwoofer applications. The 4-channel GM-D9500F completes the line-up of GM Digital series by providing a matching full-range Class-D amplifier featuring the same electrical and thermal efficiencies and the same compact chaassis design. To learn more about Pioneer's audio line look up on line at