Ironically, in the late 1990's, tuxedo shops started carrying suits with longer than usual coats and called them a "Zoot Tux." Also during this period, several men's clothing stores started carrying Zoot Suits. Again, they were just plain suits with long coats and a chain. They started to get requests from men's clothing stores to carry the Zoot Suit. Just ten years before that, the Zoot Suit wasn't wanted anywhere, and suddenly it was quite the fashion statement. There have also been many stores that claim to have authentic Zoot Suits, but to this day, El Pachuco remains the only makers of the original, authentic Zoot Suit.

1998 - Present
El Pachuco Zoot Suits have been in business for over 32 year now, and there is no slowing them down. They still attend Lowrider Shows in full force. With the change of times and styles, the Estrella Family has extended into different branches of clothing lines, including Chicana Wear, which was started by Phyllis' oldest daughter Lynda Estrella. Along with her daughter in law Vanessa Estrella, Lynda's company also created a line that caters to women called "La Pachuca," back in 2006. When the business opened in 1978, no school or educational institution would have any part of wearing a Zoot Suit. During the suit's heyday, it was even viewed as unpatriotic to waste so much fabric in times of war. The Zoot Suit dynasty is alive and well these days, despite these challenges, and you can see the influence on a worldwide level, especially within the Lowrider Community. To all our readers out there who are looking for the real El Pachuco Zoot Suit, make sure you visit Phyllis and her Family and tell them that Lowrider sent you!