After making your purchase, it's important to read the manufacturer's recommended cleaning instructions. Some of the wheels can react negatively to some of the chemical cleaners that are out in the market, ruining the wheels permanently. Don't ever cut corners by trying to save yourself a buck, as this can end up costing you hundreds in repairs. Always read the cleaner's instructions before spraying them on your wheels. Custom wheels and tires are among some of the most expensive accessories that you will buy for your ride, so take care of them. Be an informed shopper, and don't jump into a set of wheels without doing a little research.

As far as tires are concerned, it's safe to say that it is getting harder and harder to find a good tire for your wire wheel. Most of our favorite tires are disappearing, since most OEM manufacturers are turning their back on the smaller tires, in order to explore the economical benefits of plus-sizes wheels. Most of today's manufacturers are building their cars with stock 15-inch wheels, as these wheels improve the car's handling, thus making the 13 and 14-inch wheel obsolete. If you love your radials the way I love my 5.20's, you should probably stock up on a few sets until the tire industry figures out what they are going to do with for classic cars, or until somebody steps to the plate to fill the genre's void.

We hope that these pointers in our 2010 Tire and Wheel Guide will help you out with your wheel shopping, remember to do your research first! Good luck!

Hipnotic Wheels
Sizes> 20, 22, 24, 26
Finishes> Chrome, black, and colormatch paint to any custom color. With black, chrome, or custom painted inserts
Offsets> 15-45
Applications> SUV, car, luxury car, and sports car / 866.604.8700

Sizes> 19, 20 staggered
Finishes> Black and machined with clear coat finishes
Applications> European luxury performance and American muscle

Sizes> 19, 20 staggered
Finishes> Black machined face, chrome
Applications> Japanese cars, European cars / 800.693.9688

Trooper S819
Sizes> 20x9, 22x9, 24x9
Finishes> Black with machined face
Applications> Trucks and SUVs / 800.804.7156