When dreams of starting a car club that can live forever become a reality, then that becomes the perfect name for a car club! Congratulations are in order for The Reality Car Club in the "Car Club" section. This Issue also includes Lowrider car shows from Utah's Firme Image, The Brown Impressions laying it down in Laredo for their 30-years show, and the Royal Image Car Club hosting an amazing show in La Puente. Congratulations to Royal Image for 35 years of dedication to the sport and culture. As this magazine commonly portrays a family oriented type of lifestyle, we welcome the Ramos Brothers from Denver, who represent as their own family factory, showcasing their home-built bombs. Lowrider's Greatest Hits introduces the soulful band from ELA called Tierra. Since we're on the subject of bands from the neighborhood, let's go under the hood with Saul Vargas as he has some L.S. engine technology which showcases the new series of small blocks for your engine bay that won't take all your pay.
Joe Ray