"Oldies" music remains as timeless as it is influential, and the songs from decades past have probably struck a chord with people from all modern walks of life, especially those involved in the Lowrider culture. In the "Lowrider Greatest Hits" section, we showcase Thee Midnighters as our headlining act, along with Chris Montes and Cannibal and the Headhunters to round out a trinity of classic, musically significant groups. These groups were the early pioneers that established the beats of the different drums our culture is accustomed to marching to, or should I say, riding to. I believe that to know music is to love all music, however, I think you can compare Thee Midnighters' oldie "It Will Never Be Over for Me" to any of the great top 10 songs of all time! For those that beg to differ, ask any and all of the Lowrider guys out there, and I'm sure they will second my opinion by answering you with a big "ooooohhhhh!"

The cover of our December issue of Lowrider Magazine needs no introduction. We know exactly what the looks of this "Metallic Relic" represent to our readers upon their first glance of this magazine on the newsstands. Damn! That's us right there, proud and classy. Nothing else in the automotive magazine section could possibly stand out as beautifully as this Silver Bullet '57. In fact, it's safe to say that out of all of the other hundreds of different magazines on the racks, our cover alone shows exactly why Lowriding is quite possibly the greatest automotive culture ever!

This issue's "Image" section recognizes Brighton, Colorado's Fred Perez. Perez is a teacher, the Old Memories Denver Chapter Car Club President, and the undisputed Indiana Jones of Bomb parts and collectable accessories. Join his class, as he teaches his kids about life and learning, the Lowrider Way. We are also happy to acknowledge Mr. Terry Anderson, or should we say the "power window master." He will "roll up on us" with his life and times, spreading the stories of automobile inventions he has made with the touch of a switch.

The Bachelors LTD Car Club is featured this month as one of East Los Angeles' very own pioneering group of Lowrider enthusiasts. Often acknowledged as Montebello's Cantwell High School alumni, these guys cruised around late 60's and the early 70's with some of the most popular cars back in the days, and they also threw some pretty bad parties too. You could hear Three Dog Nights' "One Man Band" blaring out of the 8-tracks of their cars, as they laid claim to the senior parking lot of the only Southern California high school that was just a block away from Whittier Blvd. Check out their history, as we all patterned ourselves and our car clubs after them.