A Passing: Lawrance Steven "Boo" Garcia
Although death is a part of everyday life, it is never easy when we lose a loved one; especially a child. On April 6th, 2009 14 year-old Lawrance Steven "Boo" Garcia succumbed to his ten year battle with Cancer. Lawrance was fighting an Immune Deficiency and Pulmonary condition called Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. During the course of his 10 year battle with this devastatingly difficult condition, he also had a Lymphoma tumor in his cheek that was removed. The situation worsened in 2008, when a tumor grew between his eye socket and his brain. Lawrance was the beloved nephew and godson of Techniques Car Club member Peter Cruz.

To lift Boo's spirit, Peter and the members of Techniques made Lawrance an honorary member, doing what they could to keep him involved whenever possible with club activities. Often times, they would just take him on unexpected rides around the city, just to surprise him and give him a positive release from his illness. In 2008, Peter Cruz and Techniques Car Club teamed with the National Marrow Donor Program to hold Marrow Drives to create awareness within the local community. They hoped to not only find a match for Lawrance, but for others in need as well. There was a match that was found for Lawrance in late 2008, but unfortunately his body was not healthy enough to survive the grueling bone marrow transplant.

He was hospitalized this past March and was therefore unable to attend Together's Pico Rivera show, so Techniques, Imperials, Latin Lords and Swift Car Club took the show to him at the hospital. Unfortunately, it would prove to be Boo's last car show as his health deteriorated and he ultimately passed away, just days after the impromptu show at the hospital. His memorial service was attended by many of the clubs in the Southern California area, and a caravan was assembled to drive to the pier in Oxnard, California, to spread his ashes. We here at Lowrider Magazine are heartbroken at the loss of this young rider, and offer our sincerest condolences to Lawrance's family as well as Techniques Car Club. Ride in Peace, Boo.