The Bachelors also made their mark on the innovation side of the culture as well. A tight-knit group of local historical builders ruled the '60s and '70s, forming a circle of artisans, mechanics, and automotive gurus that comprised the very backbone of what we consider classic styling today. Painters and creators like Bill Hines of Lynwood and Steve Heard of Huntington Park, Hydraulic Inventive's Fernando Ruelas of LA, Grillo's Iron Works of El Monte, as well as Bachelors LTD's very own Richard "Gumby" Rodriguez performed unheard feats of bodywork, while interiors commonly went to Frank Rodella of Norwalk.

Realizing that their mission of spreading love and respect the Lowrider way should not just be limited to the streets, the Bachelors LTD Car Club held magnificent car club dances. These social events became a huge hit for them. Club Promoter Jim Montoya was an important asset to the car club at this time, as he gave them easy access to some of the best nightlife spots in Los Angeles. Living like "Bachelors" in every sense of the word, these young men felt that better clubs would bring out better girls for their events, and they were right. Top clubs like The Ambassador Hotel, Biltmore Hotel LA, Roger Young LA, Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City, The Pasadena Hilton, The Grand Hotel in Anaheim, Goldenwest in Norwalk, Latin American Press Club of Pico Rivera, and Montebello Country Club in Montebello served as the host places for some of the greatest social events ever put on by a car club. Long sleeve shirts with car club colors worn over the shirts became the mandatory event attire. A night club newspaper called The Free Grapevine Press by Paul Carlen featured photos and press coverage, that to this day is the only recorded history of these amazing local happenings.

The education, pride, and respect the Bachelors LTD Car Club had for each other is what endeared this brotherhood of young men to the other car clubs. Most members are from Cantwell High School, where they flourished under the guidance of President Nick Daneri and his officers. During this revolutionary time in the culture, these ideals of respect, honor, and love were mutually shared by rival car clubs from different high schools. These schools included Cantwell High, Salesian High, Garfield High, Roosevelt High, Bosco Tech High, Mark Keppell High, Montebello High and Schurr High. This common respect kept the rivalries friendly and competitive in nature, rather than becoming something detrimental to the gente. The Bachelors believed in themselves and each other, and always encouraged one another to develop their skills and talents, as well as to pursue higher education, As a result of this, many of the Bachelors' members have gone on to become successful in many different career paths. Richard Escobedo, a USC Alumni, is a great example of this, as his son Richard Jr. is now also a USC student. The Bachelors believed in keeping each other on the right track and Richard was always excused from car club meetings to study for his school finals. Believing that this experience in the car club helped to make him the man he is today, Richard says, "Remember your past, because it molds us to who we are," adding that it's important to "be a part of your culture." Former President Nick Daneri has gone on to become a building inspector for the city of L.A., and his brother Dominic shares his same line of work. Ron Gomez has continued his car passion, having given over 30 years to N.A.P.A. Auto Parts. Mike Perez, one of 3 remaining Lieutenants with the LAPD Air Support Division since beginning work in 1977, now cruises Crenshaw Blvd. from his position in a helicopter as part of the second largest fleet of police aircraft in the United States. Richard "Gumby" Rodriguez cruises the states in his big rig as a truck driver, and Sammy Loya does the same as a Charter Bus Driver. Sammy also shows off his musical talents, bringing that original East L.A. sound with the band "Nation of Aztlan."